What are your  chances of being selected? Hurry ! The H1-B Cap 2021 filing season begins on March 1, 2020. Employers who mis filing H1-B petitions in march 2020 will not be able to bring in new employees under H1-B until October 1, 2020.

A clear understanding of what to expect in this H1-B filing season is crucial to improve  the chances of your H1-B petitions getting selected.


H1-B Cap 2020 What to expect this March 2020?

  1. H1-B cap has reached in the mandatory first five days of the filing season during each of the last 5 years.
  2. The registration fee for applications is only $10 this year. It is anticipated that employers would be submitting registrations in large number to improve the chances of selection in the H1-B lottery.
  3. The demand for H1-B’s increases when the economy is doing well. And, since April 2019,The economy has only been growing.
  4. Sharp criticism of H1-B visa program by President Trump has increased the uncertainty over future of the H1-B Visas.
  5. Anticipating tighter H1-B visa regime in near future, large consulting firms are likely increase their H1-B filing this year.
  6. Increased scrutiny in adjudication of L-1 petitions has made companies opt for H1-B’s .
  7. Crackdown by immigration on B- visa misuse has further led to more companies exploring H-B’s. The trend Is likely to continue.
  8. Employers who were unable to file for new cap-subject H1-B petitions last year will be eager to fill in the backlogs.

What dose all this mean to you ? The competition is going to be intense.  An increase in H1-B filing numbers brings down the odds of selection of a timely filed H1-B petition in the H1-B lottery. Just how bad is it going to be? Check  out H1-B Visa 2021 Predictions now.

The predictions report offers exclusive knowledge on :

  1. When will the H1-9B Cap be reached in FY 2021
  2. How much will the inability to file H1-B’s during the past 12 months influence the FY 2021 filing numbers?
  3. What are the chances of your petition being selected in the H1-B visa lottery 2021

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