H1B CAP Registration: March 20 Deadline

The USCIS annouced that the initial registration period for H1B CAP will open from March 1 through March 20 of 2020. As you may be aware, starting the upcoming H1B CAP season, employers are required to electronically pre-register their employees with the USCIS in advance. Here is how the pre-registration process works:

Employers should pre-register all their CAP employees electronically between March 1st – March 20th 2020.

The registration process only requires basic employer and employee details, along with the degree information.

USCIS will use the registration info to conduct a lottery. They will first pick 65,000 applications from the entire pool, followed by 20,000 masters applications from the remaining pool. So Masters students will get to double-dip.

USCIS will then notify the employers about the selected employees, and provide them a 60-day window to apply for H1B. For example, USCIS may give you a specific application window between April 1st – May 30th, or May 1st -June 30th etc. You will always get a 60-day window to apply.

Employers can then file an LCA, and prepare the full application packet and mail it to the USCIS within that window.

This new process will be beneficial in many ways

It is cost effective, since employers are only preparing applications for employees selected in the lottery. It will save a lot of time and attorney fees as well.

The applications are spread out over time, among the various filing windows. So employers are not rushing all the applications on April 1st, thus reducing the possibility of errors.

In the past, you send your application on April 1st, and your job/project situation could change by the time your application is adjudicated, sometimes many months later. Now your application is going in within a 60 day window, so you can adjust your application to reflect your job/project changes.

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