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Are you on CPT/OPT visa and still looking for a job position?

Are you legally allowed to work in USA and are willing to relocate to any state?

Are you looking for a new employer with high professionalism and better benefits?

Then …. Great News for YOU!!!

We at American Software Resources, Inc. would like to extend our marketing and placement services to all CITIZENS, Green Card Holders and all legal visa holders INCLUDING …OPT’S, H4-EAD, H1B, TN visa holders and help you build a bright career and prosperous future.

OPT2H1B is a promotional site run by American Software Resources, Inc. which is a USA based software outsourcing and IT placement company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore software development. Furthermore, ASR brings a pragmatic approach with proven real world solutions to the challenging field of technology and IT placement. We are dedicated to developing long-term strategic alliances with client, companies and consultants alike and strictly adhere to our guiding principles of honesty, integrity & confidentiality.
  • The right place to build your career from OPT to H1B to GC.
  • Dedicated to assist job seekers to get placed in great IT jobs.
  • Sponsored hundreds of visas, has always delivered timely payroll for over 20 years through a professional payroll service. (ADP and Paychex)
  • High success rate of H1B and Green Card approvals.
  • All visa expenses are completely taken care of by ASR.
  • Multiple direct clients/vendors.
  • Provision of  (Retirement Plan) 401K which has tax benefits.
  • Company has upcoming plans to offer with stock options for long-term employees via an ESOP Celebrating over 20 years of experience (ASR was established in 1999).
  • ASR prides itself in providing real-world solutions in technology and IT personnel placement.


  • Highly Experienced Marketing Team BDM’s who will help YOU get your project and jump start your future.
  • Own JSS Department (Job Search Services) that can also market your profile only for direct client requirements.
  • Work only with Direct Clients, Tier-1 & Prime vendors.
  • Refer friends and get paid up to $500/referral.


  • We can sponsor your H1B visa free of cost (no out of pocket expense – visas are picked in the lottery system.
  • Upon successful completion of  12 months on a project, we will include you in our 401K pension plan.
  • We start your Green Card process upon completion of 24 months of employment with us.

Steps we take to comply USCIS rules:

OPT Stem Extension
  • We created a detailed training plan that is specific to each employee, based on their degree and coursework undertaken.

  • All employees have been put on a salary schedule, and our compensation structure is designed such that the OPT employees are paid continuously, even while on bench between projects.

  • Note that the OPT STEM Extension employees should be paid and that their pay should be similar to all similarly situated employees. So we came up with a way of uniformly paying all OPT employees during their first and subsequent years, while at the same time satisfying the employees’ desire to maximize their compensation.

  • The job duties and description in the form I-983 were designed to be in compliance with OPT requirements. But at the same time, we also made sure that they do not conflict with your eventual H1B application. You don’t want issues from your OPT I-983 biting you in the wrong place during your H1B process.

  • We have documented in detail the in-house, in-person classroom training provided to these employees. We also did assessments before and after the training, thus documenting the value that we added as OPT employers, which is the primary requirement for an OPT employer.

  • We assigned mentors to OPT employee. These mentors are industry experts with more that a decade of experience in their fields, and will act as the technical supervisor of the employees.

  • We also assigned an administrative supervisor, who will be in charge of all the administrative and reporting requirements to stay in compliance.

  • We have an automated mechanism in place to track all the required reporting dates (every 6 and 12 months to the DSO), and also monthly updates, quarterly performance assessments as required by I-983 rules.

  • And we do this for EVERY single one of our OPT employees. Because if we are found out of compliance with just one employee, it might impact that status of all other OPT employees. Something you want to be aware of while choosing an OPT employer.

In short, we have created a process by which all the right steps are taken at the right time, so that we are able to successfully navigate any future audits and site visits from the USCIS. At the end of the day, this is the key to long-term success with immigration!

H1B Processing

Did you know that there are a number of H1 regulations that are almost always violated by most employers? Here are some examples:
* It is OUTRIGHT ILLEGAL to charge the employees for H1B fees. Yes, it is ILLEGAL. Do you want to jeopardize your future with an employer that charges you?
* Similarly situated employees should be paid equally. Meaning two people in the same metro filed at the same wage level cannot be paid differently. But it happens all the time, especially when you are working on percentage basis.
* Employers should have an established and documented wage policy that is implemented consistently across the board. But the pay rates for most consulting companies are all over the map, which is a clear violation. One Java developer is making $30/hr, while a different one is making $55/hr.
* While I-9 forms may look simple, most employers get tripped up on I-9 audits, which have become very common. Did your employer update your I-9 after your H1B was approved – most probably not!

These regulations have not been enforced by the USCIS in the past, but we all know that times have changed with Trump in the office. We are already seeing the impact on the H1B cap cases filed with Level 1 wages. You don’t want to wait until the axe falls, and your employer is audited. Find an employer who has figured out how to work within the rule of law, while maintaing the flexibility and pay levels that you wish to earn.

GC Processing

GC is a long and arduous process. Find an employer willing to get your GC started right away. Ask them about the processes they have in place to overcome the usually restrictive GC requirements like prevailing wages, ability to pay, use of experience gained within the same organization etc.

Financial Stability / Payment History / Where do we stand?

Financial Stability / Payment History / Employee Feedback:
You guys are all smart enough to know that you should join a well-funded company, that has a history of paying their employees on time. Employers with 100+ consultants are usually well-funded to withstand any market downturns. But more importantly, talk to other consultants who work there. But there is one more aspect to this. When your employer files for your GC, they need to show the ability to pay (because GC is a future job). And not all employers are funded well enough.

Placement History:
At the end of the day, you want to get placed and stay billable. Work with an employer that has a lot of varied clients, not just a handful of major clients. So if your project ends, they can always place you with one of their other clients.

Where do we stand?
* We invest heavily in our immigration process to make it impeccable. We are able to meet all the regulations and requirements, while also maintaining the pay and flexibility that you desire.
* We are financially very strong, and we have planned for market downturns and extended periods between projects. Our recruiters can tell you more.
* We have made more than 500 placements in the last few years, in over 30 states nationwide. If you are motivated, we can get you placed in a matter of weeks. We have a number of candidates that got placed within the first week.
* We will apply for your GC immediately after H1B approval. And we have 100% success rate with GCs. We got 4 GCs approved just this month.


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