Terms and Conditions (Company)

1. Applicant should submit all required documents on or before last date mentioned for the particular lucky draw contest.
2. Applicant will be eligible for the luck draw only after their 1 st pay through ASR, Inc.
3. All applicant are expected to be with the company for minimum one year duration from the 1 st payroll.
4. Applicant will be eligible for the next lucky draw on the completion of 15 months duration from the 1 st payroll with the company.
5. Lucky draw winner applicant is expected to be with the company for 8 years tenure till the EMI ends and will not be eligible for next three years lucky draw.
6. H1B Consultants will be paid on 80:20 ratio (minus any additional costs to the company I.e. Mandated state leave pay, health insurance, etc.), where consultant would get 80% but 10% would be deducted from every payroll and given back after every 3
months as expenses check (where this meets the condition of the LCA).
7. The applicant’s client should not have a non-circumvention clause with the current employer and should be willing to allow the consultant to work with ASR, Inc as an employer.
8. The candidate must be given an approved H1B through ASR,Inc and once receives the H1B they must join as soon as they are eligible.
9. ASR,Inc holds all the rights to reject the applicant for the lucky draw at any given point of time and on any basis.

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